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5 Ways to Nurture Community Culture & Surface What’s Important

// October 3, 2017

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To say a community that runs itself is busy is an understatement. It’s a unique ecosystem, buzzing with different types of information and potentially life-changing conversations. As a community manager, it’s your job to make sure that community members are getting the most out of their experience in the community. This is where community culture nurturing happens. When there’s so much going on, it can be difficult to surface what’s important to your community. Many times, content can get buried and isn’t accessible to the members who need it the most. Fortunately, there are creative ways to streamline and surface relevant content for your community members.

5 Ways to Nurture Community Culture

1. Monitor What’s Trending on Social Media

First and foremost, as a community manager it’s important to be in the know about what’s trending on social media. Set up Google Alerts with keywords that matter to your community. Follow influencers on social media, regularly engage with their content via likes and shares, and share it with your community. The more you share industry trends and happenings with your community, the more you’ll be viewed as a trusted source.

2. Create #Hashtags to Surface Relevant Content

One way to surface relevant content within an online community is to use hashtags. For example, any time you are posting something that’s related to the rules of the community, you can simply add “#Admin” to it. If it’s news, you can add “#trending.”

3. Use a Content Curation Service

Content Curation like and Trap.It make it much easier to surface relevant content and get access to it first. As a community manager, it’s helpful to include one of these tools in your everyday workflow.

4. Create Themed Days

When you designate a theme to a weekday, you create predictability in your community which encourages participation. For example, we’ve discussed the benefits of having a “brag” day, and allowing community members to promote something they’re working on. You can also have a funny GIF day, or #AskaMentor day.

5. Create Subgroups for Discussions

If hashtags don’t do it for your community, you can always create subgroups to support different types of content. One subgroup can host AMA-style chats, another can be a place where members are encouraged to network with each other.

How do you surface relevant content for your community? Share your tips with us below.

Nicole is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Mobilize. She loves yoga, writing, Chicago-style pizza, and learning about the power of communities.

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