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How to Grow Your Online Community

// November 17, 2017

grow online community

Growing an online community takes as much time and effort as any other significant initiative in life, and it’s something that no leader can accomplish alone. It takes a village to grow and lead a community. On November 16, we joined forces with CMX to talk more about how to grow a community and collectively we gathered our favorite—and most efficient—tips, and glued them together for a special webinar.

Watch the full recording here:

Growing an Online Community

Building a community can feel like an abstract journey, but after working with thousands of communities, we’ve identified that there is a step-by-step framework you can take to provide some structure in your community. We called it the Snowball Framework. It has 5 basic steps:

Stage 1: Recruiting & understanding the identity of your members and figuring out how to get them to join your community.

Stage 2: Training, the stage in which you educate and teach your members what it means to be part of your community and how to participate in an efficient way in your community.

Stage 3: Operations, this is basically the ongoing job of a community manager to drive each member to participate and take action by communicating effectively with your members.

Stage 4: Belonging: This is the stage in which you turn your network of individuals into an interconnected community by creating a sense of belonging between them, your organization and each other.

Stage 5: Scaling, finding and empowering community leaders to help you scale and amplify your reach.

If you’re ready to start your journey to building a community, we suggest downloading the community manager strategy template below>>

community management plan template

Sharon Savariego is the CEO and co-founder of Mobilize. She's passionate about the power of groups and is driving forward Mobilize’s mission to build the best communication app that empowers group leaders to inspire action. To date, Mobilize has helped brand names like Microsoft, Docker, Etsy, Maker Faire, SalesForce, The United Nations, Meetup, Prezi, and more manage their hundreds and thousands of global partners. In less than two years, Sharon has grown the company to 30 people, two offices around the world, and raised over $8 million in two funding rounds from leading Silicon Valley investors.

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