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[Webinar Recap] Lessons From Political Mobilizers With Airbnb Organizer Megan Abell

// July 26, 2017

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The most successful companies stand for something. They have a point of view, and they have a strong vision and mission that unites people around them. Building a movement around your brand can multiply your impact and reach, but building a movement requires strategy & framework.

That’s why we invited Megan Abell, Director of Mobilization at Common Sense Media, former Airbnb mobilizer, Obama campaigner, to talk about what political mobilization strategies can teach businesses.

In this webinar, Megan Abell shared the tools and strategies she’s used mobilizing thousands of people at Airbnb and leading political and social movements.

Watch the full webinar here:

Nicole is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Mobilize. She loves yoga, writing, Chicago-style pizza, and learning about the power of communities.

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