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10x the value of your brand by engaging and inspiring brand ambassadors

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Brand ambassadors are often the first to engage with your customers. And you want this to stay the case. Brand ambassadors, when supported with Mobilize, significantly extrapolate your brand’s impact, which increases leads, sales, and customer satisfaction. But determining the best advocate to share a particular message, and understanding which ambassadors are effective for which audience, is hard to do with Google Groups and email listservs.

By using Mobilize in lieu of other solutions, your brand ambassadors stay connected, engaged, and inspired with our all-in-one group communication, administration, and analysis tools.


Onboard and identify the right brand ambassadors

Identifying and nurturing the best people to represent your brand is complex and never ending. Of course, discovering those who are already invested in your brand and believe in your products is easier when they self-identify.

At Mobilize, our powerful registration form lets you define custom fields (see screenshot below to see how Prezi uses Mobilize for its registration form). Give prospective brand ambassadors the power to share their demographics, interests, platforms, and preferred level of engagement in one simple form. And by leveraging the Mobilize two-way open API, you can effortlessly integrate services, tying application data to customer data such as ratings or usage levels. With the busywork out of the way, and the right information at your fingertips, you can focus on building deep relationships with your most dedicated community members.

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When your brand ambassadors succeed, your brand succeeds

Mobilize ensures that your group only gets the information that empowers them, so you may develop authentic relationships with your biggest fans. Using Mobilize, you can filter member data to target each communication to the right brand ambassador every time. A communication dashboard makes it easy to engage in a multitude of personalized conversations at one time—letting your ambassadors know that you care about their success. Brand ambassadors can also give direct feedback via email blasts, SMS, private messages, events, or polls. Using the information you gathered using the Mobilize custom registration form, further delight and surprise your brand ambassadors by sending them only the offers and brand information they want to know.

Identifying and cultivating leaders is also simple with Mobilize. Powerful analytics enable you to formulate data-driven, strategic, and personalized methods at scale to keep your most vocal loyalists connected. By tracking views and clicks, community managers can stimulate discussions and customize follow-up interactions to build trust and foster transparency. Reward engaged brand ambassadors with direct access to your team and first access to new services. And for brand ambassadors who are leading the pack, take a cue from Salesforce and reward your evangelists with swag using Mobilize.

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Sustain authentic relationships at scale

The best ambassador programs not only inform their brand enthusiasts to spread the word about the brand; but they also continually and effectively educate, inspire, and strategize with these ever-more-important partners. This is no accident and requires consistent, ongoing planning, creativity, and effort. As a leader, it is up to you to cultivate your brand ambassadors’ interests and align them with your company’s strategic goals. It is also your responsibility to show appreciation for the hard work they do.

Reward top evangelists via the Mobilize platform: exclusive events can be calendared and forwarded, product updates shared, and praise given through one tool with just a few clicks. The Mobilize platform gives you everything you need to build a top-notch brand ambassador program built on a foundation of trust, communication, and excellence.

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