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Third-party developers are essential to your platform’s success, but acquiring the right developers that will build high quality apps can be challenging when you don’t have the right tools. Google Groups are a natural place to start, but can present barriers for developer relations professionals that need to work at scale. Mobilize is an email list management, group management, and group communication tool that makes it easier to build, onboard, and engage with your developer network, no matter how large or active.


Acquire top developers for your community

Getting developers onto a communications platform can be a challenge. They work on different platforms, prefer various levels of contact, and want infinite opportunities to customize their relationship with you. Mobilize helps you get them onboard and start building apps with your developer platform, fast.

Escape the maze of web forms, surveys, and dashboards, and get the information you need to start and grow a successful developer community—in one application. Mobilize’s flexible registration forms allow you to create custom fields, approve new members, and manage field privacy settings, both within the app, or via Mobilize’s robust APIs. Make onboarding developers easier and their experience more customized by defining their interests with smart registration forms, an all-in-one developer directory and an open API that integrates seamlessly into your own database so you have one source of truth.

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Empower your developer community with the resources it needs to succeed

With Mobilize, it’s easy to give the right developers only the information that empowers them, and support your developers as they’re building apps on your platform. Mobilize connects all of your developer network’s data with your internal communications, helping you to streamline the group messaging process and ensure that the right information goes to the right developers every time, via group text messaging, email and other channels.

Increase event attendance and control communications with built-in event management and event calendar tools. Facilitate group communication for easy connecting, and keep your developers up-to-date with the latest platform updates, and links to blog posts, pull requests, release notes, documentation, screencasts, and other training. Continue to foster developer collaboration through Mobilize by allowing members to communicate and meet based on shared location, coding language, or project. Mobilize even has a built in sms scheduler to help you target your developers for critical notifications.

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Make every developer a valued and engaged member of your community

Mobilize makes it easy for developers to connect, discuss, and collaborate with your company’s platform. Award your top community members with exclusive event invites, early product updates, and priority access to beta programs. Let your community of developers tell you what they want to do, such as write blog posts, organize meetups, or speak at events.

You don’t have to wonder if your efforts are working. Mobilize’s powerful analytics helps you make smart, data-driven decisions to keep developers connected. List management is enhanced when you can track views and clicks on posts, receive real-time notifications, and send out smart follow-ups based on your developers’ interactions. With Mobilize, your company can spend less time researching who your top developers are and what they specialize in, and focus on ensuring their success.

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