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Ensuring that contractors, sellers, and suppliers are active in your marketplace group demands powerful and centralized communication tools. By using Mobilize to manage marketplace’s supply-side providers, you can automate onboarding, send targeted emails, create sub-groups, and manage events all in one platform.

With Mobilize, spend your valuable time attracting, growing, retaining your providers—leading to increased sales, loyal customers, and dedicated providers for your customers.


Give members an opportunity to tell you who they are

The more you know about your supply-side providers, the better you can serve the sellers, contractors, and service providers who are a part of it. Mobilize makes it easy to gather pertinent information about your providers. Using a customizable registration form (as seen below), create unlimited custom fields—such as drop downs, radio buttons, numbers and file uploads—tailored to what you need for your marketplace.

Once a member has registered, Mobilize makes sure you are always available to nurture the onboarding process. Send an automatic email upon registration walking new members through your desired onboarding flow. Any replies will automatically go back to you and be recorded in that member’s Activity History.

You can also add new members with all of their data automatically by syncing your marketplace app or database to Mobilize with our restful API. Afterwards, members will be a part of your group without further action. By using Mobilize, your recruitment process is documented, well-organized and customizable—giving you more time to continue being a successful marketplace manager.

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Activate and train your providers with Mobilize

By adopting Mobilize to manage your providers, you are choosing an all-in-one platform that can facilitate and automate necessary group management functions. Once your members are in Mobilize, create a FAQ knowledge base in each group addressing common questions other members have asked, important files that should be downloaded, links to instructional or training videos, and policies that should be followed.

For members you need to reach out to personally for successful onboarding, use the Mobilize network directory to filter for the right members and create the optimum groups. When running in-person trainings or general provider events, leverage Mobilize to create and manage events. And unlike most event management platforms, save time on marketing and promotion by automatically adding events to a member’s preferred calendar application.

With Mobilize, onboarding, training, and managing supply-side providers can be done all in one convenient platform.

CRM and member database


Manage and interact with your providers using only one platform

To successfully manage your providers, it is imperative that every communication is received and acted on appropriately. The faster you can reach members, the more Mobilize ensures that your members are always informed with the latest information and tools that will make them a more efficient and effective partner. With message level analytics, you will also know whether or not members have seen your latest message, clicked on important links, or downloaded your file. Create smart follow-ups based on those actions or lack thereof, either via email or SMS.

Members also have the tools necessary to respond to messages in a way that works best for them, whether that be via email or Mobilize. With Mobilize, facilitate conversations with powerful permission tools. Choose if emails sent out to your members should allow or block reply-all. Determine which groups have open registration, manage what information members should know about each other in a member directory, or hide the directory completely for admin use only.

Additionally, Mobilize gives members the power to recruit for you. Grow your supply-side providers exponentially by opening group permissions, allowing current members to invite their own network to your Mobilize group.

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