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Running a successful professional network used to require a dizzying array of services for communications, events, and onboarding. Mobilize simplifies this workflow with an all-in-one community platform that makes it easy to organize and motivate your professional network.


Bridge the gap between onboarding and communicating

With Mobilize, you can onboard new members using the powerful Mobilize registration form. Add unlimited custom fields to later filter members by occupation, industry, company, and other areas of interest. Already on another platform? Don’t force your members to register themselves. Simply upload a CSV file of emails or use the Mobilize import tool for Yahoo and Google Groups to transition your professional network to Mobilize with one click.

Once members are successfully imported, use Mobilize to craft emails, event invites, and follow-ups that get sent to the right members every time. And ensure that your communications are reaching their destination with powerful analytics administrators can later use for follow-ups.

Most importantly, Mobilize doesn’t keep your member data on lockdown. The emails your professional network gathers are email addresses you own—no matter what. Export emails in a CSV file or take advantage of our Rest API to sync contact data.

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Know that your members are connected and active

The primary purpose of a professional network is to help members develop their business, further their career, facilitate new opportunities, and increase meaningful connections. All of these goals can be enhanced with one app: Mobilize.

Leverage the Mobilize platform’s events management tools for programs, training, coffee meetups, and conferences. Target events to members by industry, location, or job title, ensuring that every member attends events that are relevant to them. Let members view events by list or calendar view and subscribe to a shareable group calendar. And for your professional network’s most important events, schedule events directly to any member’s preferred calendar application. Mobilize integrates directly and automatically with all email and calendar clients.

In addition to events, Mobilize offers powerful community management tools. Preserve the integrity of conversation in certain groups by manually approving members. Or leave your network open, letting members connect freely without administrative intervention. Further customize your communication options with reply permissions, allowing administrators to determine if reply-all or direct message is needed.

With Mobilize, either option is available in our all-in-one communication solution, because every group connects in its own way.

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Get out of your professional network what you put in it

No professional network makes a difference for its members without hard work and the right tools. With Mobilize, doing the hard work is easy because you always have the right tools in one place. Identify top members of your professional network using engagement analytics, and reward those members with access to events, speaking opportunities, or a well-deserved thank you for their time and dedication. You can even allow community member leaders to administrate their own sub-groups in Mobilize, without having administrative access to the entire network. This is a great way to empower leaders and delegate responsibility.

Enable member success by sending follow-up emails based on actions your members have taken—letting members know you value their time by not sending them unnecessary messages. Most importantly, never forget the most important details about your members. Update profile data as members change position, location, or companies. View engagement history so you never start off a conversation cold. And when needed, take private notes. Manage a professional network where every member feels valued, known, and respected.

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