Build and grow an amazing professional network

Forget juggling multiple tools to manage your professional network. Mobilize helps you communicate with, support and motivate your network — all from one place. 


All the features for an engaged network

When your members are active, your professional network succeeds. Use these features to engage your network and align them with your overall strategic goals. 

Filter members to send highly targeted messages

Create subgroups for specific interests

No app download or ambassador login required

Track analytics for every communication

Onboard easily with automated emails

Easily manage and update the directory 

Professional networks grow with Mobilize

Help your members stay connected, engaged, and inspired

Anjali Ramachandran

Co-Founder @ Ada's List

"Mobilize's subgroups have been a boon to us, leading to better engagement overall. The approval system for new members is now simple and painless.”

“Mobilize has been amazing in so many different ways. It’s given us an opportunity to talk to our community in ways we weren’t able to with a Google group.”

Rebecca Saylor

Team Leader @ SF Etsy

“I love the approach of integrating into my email rather than forcing me to go to a web/app experience. The ability to opt into what I want, and out of what I don't is also super strong. Love it!”

Adam Lieb

CEO @ Innervate

Help your professional network thrive

Onboard, connect, and manage your professional network. Try Mobilize's all-in-one group communication, member directory, and community tools.


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Onboard easily

Customizable application forms allow easy capture of demographics, interests, and level of engagement.

Recruit new members

Boost engagement

Connect people

Create resource centers and email flows that send the right information to help your network be successful.

Engage members through posts, events or polls. Smart analytics help you see who's active and who needs motivation.

Discussion boards makes it group or personal conversations easy. Members can share opportunities, advice and more.

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