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Your accelerator’s community of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and partners relies on you to build a network that enables their success. Using Mobilize, gather the data your startup accelerator needs to onboard the right entrepreneurs, follow up with appropriate materials and resources, and create programs that are tailored to the needs of each entrepreneur. For program managers, further reduce cognitive load by streamlining operations with Mobilize. Send targeted emails, follow-ups, and course materials to your entrepreneurs through our all-in-one communications platform.


Identify the right entrepreneurs

An accelerator is only as successful as the entrepreneurs who choose to be a part of it. But identifying these entrepreneurs and startups is a challenge. The application process is often messy, manual and disconnected from other parts of your accelerator operations. You need a robust tool that makes it easy for your to gather all the data you need in one place, identify and select the winners, and then also run your program communications.

The Mobilize platform takes the stress out of onboarding busy entrepreneurs you have attracted to your accelerator. Using a powerful, customizable registration form, new entrepreneurs applying for your accelerator program have the ability to self-select into the programs, resources, and mentorship opportunities that appeal to them. This gives program managers and other staff the ability to adapt and adjust their programs in response to each startup cohort’s needs, giving entrepreneurs the foundation they need to achieve success outside of the accelerator program.


Always keep your program top of mind

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their minds, and startup accelerators can’t demand that their cohort use multiple tools for events, group communication, planning, and collaboration. Mobilize streamlines necessary communication functions for startup accelerators. Program managers who have recruited entrepreneurs using Mobilize can stay in touch with their cohorts via email, group messaging, and even text message. A program manager with multiple startup courses also has the power to filter and target the Mobilize member directory—enabling authentic communication and assurance that every entrepreneur is a part of a course that will benefit them.

Investors, corporate and community partners, mentors, and entrepreneurs all have different needs. With Mobilize, you can support your network as a whole without inundating your members with the day-to-day banter of an email list. Allow investors and entrepreneurs to find each other, start private conversations, or discussion groups—or don’t. You control how social you want your Mobilize network to be.

In addition to powerful group communication assets, Mobilize gives accelerators the event management tools it needs. Ask entrepreneurs what types of events they want to attend using a Mobilize poll, and then smartly allocate your resources towards those events. And most importantly, never let a communication mishap impact your latest cohort. Within the Mobilize ecosystem, program managers can add events directly to an entrepreneur’s calendar, create a shareable group calendar, manage RSVPs, and send smart follow-ups.

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Connect your founders, mentors, partners, investors, and community.

Entrepreneurs are developed by those who surround them. And startup accelerators are the catalyst for ensuring the right people are always there, willing to lend a supportive hand. Mobilize helps you keep your entrepreneurs engaged with your accelerator’s workshops, resources, and events. By opening up your accelerator’s founders list, you can give your current startup cohorts, past cohorts, mentors, and community partners every chance to engage and connect. You decide how open your community is among each group within your network.

Program managers can also take advantage of the community management features that Mobilize offers. Track post statistics to ensure that entrepreneurs are always engaged. Create private groups based on interests, location, and even stage of startup using powerful custom fields.

With Mobilize, your accelerator’s most important operations and communication needs are conveniently located within our all-in-one solution. Stop tacking together a disparate state of services to serve your entrepreneurs by creating a free Mobilize group today.

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