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User communities serve as the foundation for growth, innovation, and evangelism for any company serious about reaching new markets, and establishing an active user group full of product evangelists. Mobilize, an all-in-one group management platform, can help you start building your community and engage your most active users.


Understand user motivation from point of registration

Not every user has the same ambitions for taking your product to its next milestone. By using Mobilize, you can take advantage of what every expert, top user or other contributing user has to offer using a flexible registration form. With an unlimited number of custom fields—such as radio buttons, checkboxes, and file uploads—the Mobilize registration form will gather all that you need to know about your users. Find out during registration if users would like to be beta testers, moderators, speakers, or meetup organizers.

The Mobilize API enables you to integrate registration information seamlessly into your existing databases or to automatically bring user data into your Mobilize database, like revenue or usage data. Don’t worry, you can make sure specific data points are hidden for admin use only. Already have a crew of users on Google or Yahoo! Groups? Use the Mobilize import tool to transfer experts over seamlessly. If you already have an email list of users, upload that list as a CSV file to add members effortlessly, and export that list from Mobilize when needed.

Online registration form


Manage relationships, not apps

Now that you know who your users are you can target communications based on the segment they belong. With Mobilize, you will always send the right message to the right people, and engage each group in the way that is most relevant to them.

Control who you share product updates with, who receives special offers, or who participates in a product poll. And instead of inundating your users with disorganized or frequently irrelevant e-mails, only send emails and follow-ups events to the users who need them.

Events are also an incredibly valuable tool to take your user community to the next level. Mobilize has a suite of event management tools to maximize event coordination and attendance. Never guess if users will miss out on an important event. Mobilize integrates automatically with all email and calendar clients, so that your event will show up on their calendar, even before they RSVP. This will help you increase awareness and event attendance. You can also create specific group calendars, track RSVPs, and send follow-ups via email or SMS based on your invitees’ responses. See an example below of how you can follow up with folks who didn’t RSVP yet.

Multi-channel group communication


Bridge the communication gap using Mobilize

You cannot build a community of participants, experts or leaders without understanding how you are succeeding and how to build on those successes. Mobilize’s analytics enables you to keep tabs on member progress and results in real time. Track views, replies, file downloads, and other actions at the message level to see how involved members are in your user community. Reward your most engaged experts with swag, special access to new features or APIs, and expanded responsibilities.

Don’t just rely on metrics to determine if your community of experts are engaged. Send out a poll to individual members to ensure that your latest event was a success. Let experts in your community connect with each other by creating general interest sub-groups.

With the ability to segment and customize communication, a host of operational management tools, and analytics to track your efforts, the Mobilize platform gives you everything you need to start a community smartly and manage it strategically.

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